Cervix Cancer / Cervical Cancer is the lower part of the uterus (pregnancy). When detected in the early stage, the cancers that occur in the cervix are likely to be cured. Therefore, early detection is the key to improving survival. The two most common types of cervical cancer are squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma of the cervix.

How can symptoms of allox cancer be identified?

The victim may also bleed without a period of time. Sometimes there is such a problem even after sex. If severe condition, weight loss may occur, due to excessive or irregular bleeding anemia can occur.
Does it fall in the category of Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

However, a virus called HPV is considered to be responsible for this disease, but in reality it is sexually transmitted disease. Due to skin contact during sex, this disease can spread among women. If the virus comes in the body of a woman under the age of 30 years, then the body’s immune system is so strong that it does not require treatment and this virus gets itself out of the body but the age increases. After this the virus remains in the body, which can later cause cancer.
Can rheumatic cancer be caused due to heredity?

No, it’s not genetic cancer.
At what age do women have a higher risk of cancers?

Unfortunately this cancer happens in puberty. If a woman has a virus in her body at the age of 30, then it is expected to develop cancer within 10 years of her life. Accordingly, it is high in the age of 40-45 years.
Can this be the problem even with the bad habits of catering?

No evidence has been received so far, on the basis of which it can be said that the habit of eating habits is responsible for it.
How is Sarcoptic Cancer Tested? Its process is more troublesome?

Papsmeyer test is used to investigate alloxic cancers. Also screening for viruses. There is no pain in it The gynecologist takes water from the servix (mouth of the baby) while doing the examinations. There is no danger of pain in it. Apart from this, it is known from the HPV investigation that there is no possibility of any woman getting allotic cancer. If the report is positive then starting the right treatment in pre-cancerous condition can be prevented from proceeding further.
If treatment is started in the initial stage, then can the disease be removed?

Yes, if treatment is started in the pre-cancer stage, then the patient can be saved from cancer. Apart from this, even after the diagnosis of cancer, if it is diagnosed early, its bad results can be reduced and after treatment, the woman can lead a healthy life.
What method is adopted for its treatment?

If it is diagnosed in early stages after cancer, then urus can be removed or radiotherapy can be given as well. With doctor, patient and family members interacting with them, what treatment does the patient have? If the urus is removed in the initial stage then no further treatment is required. However, many times you may need radiotherapy in spite of urus removal.
Is there any vaccine available to prevent this from happening?

Yes, the HPV vaccine has been available in the market for many years. If this vaccine is applied at an early age, it is more effective because in the puberty, the woman’s body is more capable of fighting the diseases. In this case, giving vaccine to the woman becomes antibodies in her body and the risk of cancer decreases to 70 percent. Even 10-11 year old girls can also be vaccinated. Then after the marriage, when they are sexually active, this vaccine is helpful in preventing this problem. Although it can be applied to women of 40-45 years, but to take full advantage of it, it would be better to put it at an early age.
What things should be taken care of in advance so that nobody has such a problem?

Get tested by a gynecologist every two to two years. If there is a problem, it can be controlled only in the first round.

If a woman has this disease, then what things should be taken care of during and after treatment?

Get the right treatment first with the doctor’s advice. Do not care less about health. Otherwise, good treatment options will be reduced after the increase in the wages. During the treatment, take balanced and nutritious diet, fruits, multivitamin etc. and follow all the doctor’s instructions.