Most people now see the effect of obesity on the surrounding area of the stomach but they do not take this problem seriously. This is not only a case of uneven figure, but also a symptom of cholesterol enhancement, which in many ways harm a person’s health. The health problems that are being caused by this are being reported, Dr. Dhiraj Kapoor, Senior Consultant, Indochronologist, Artificial Hospital, Gurigram.

What is Cholesterol?

Before learning about the damage caused by the excess of cholesterol, it is important to understand what is it really? Actually there is a kind of sticky oily substance, which can not be dissolved in water. It reaches all the organs of the body through blood flow in the form of lipoprotein particles. It does many important functions for the human body. For example, controlling the hormones, building the walls of cells and vitamin D.

Apart from this, this element is also helpful in digesting certain specialty vitamins. 80 percent of cholesterol builds itself in the body through the liver and the remaining 20 percent comes from the food. There are two types of cholesterol in the body – LDL, low density lipoprotein, ie bad cholesterol and HDL i.e. high density lipoprotein i.e. good cholesterol.

How does the damage (Side Effects Of Cholesterol)

Whenever there is talk of cholesterol increasing, it means the growth of LDL cholesterol. Increasing HDL is always considered to be good for health. In simple words, bad cholesterol is a blood mixed with blood, which starts accumulating in the blood vessel tubes, which makes them narrow. The biggest problem comes when the heart begins to accumulate in blood vessels, because of this, the heart has to work very hard for pumping blood. If you are not given attention at the right time, then the risk of heart attack will increase.

Most people get fat around the stomach today, which is called forgettable fat. Because of this, insulin does not work properly and the person has diabetes problems. Its efficiency also affects brain efficiency and increases the risk of stroke. Due to its excess, the supply of oxygen in peripheral veins is not done properly. It can cause chaos and pain problems in hands and feet. There may also be pain with swelling in the neck and shoulders.

Weight starts growing, causing problems like breathlessness and sweating when walking a bit. When the cholesterol level increases in the body then white marks appear on the eyelids. Actually it is a collection of bad cholesterol, there is no harm to the sight, but it is not good to see.

Causes of High Cholesterol

Excessive use of ghee-oil and chili-spiced in daily meals Especially consumed with saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol-like-non-veg, butter, ghee-oil. Cholesterol levels increase in women due to hormonal imbalance after menopause. Increased weight increases body cholesterol levels. This can happen even if there is a problem with thyroid, kidney or liver. Heredity is also one of the main reasons. More consumption of cigarettes and alcohol is also responsible for this problem. Due to the side effects of certain types of steroids, it also increases the level of the body.

How to Prevent Cholesterol Growth (How to Prevent Cholesterol Problems)

Consumption of butter and ghee-oil in a limited amount. Stay away from junk and seafood. Use nonstick utensils for cooking.
Stay away from smoking. Cigarette smoke compresses inner walls of the blood vessels, which increase the cholesterol accumulation there.
In addition to Dalia, oats and chopped flour, add fiber fruits and green vegetables such as papaya, orange, guava and other vegetables in their catering. Among them, fiber is helpful in reducing bad cholesterol levels.
Include almonds, walnuts, and cheese seeds prominently in their diet. Research has proven that their consumption is very beneficial for health.
If you like to eat eggs then only eat its white part. Things like fenugreek, turmeric and garlic are also helpful in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.
Vitamins present in orange, grapefruit, pear and amla do the work of reducing bad cholesterol in the blood vessels.
Vitamin B and Vitamin E also help reduce cholesterol levels. For this, include green peas, beans, loji, turnips, tomatoes and grapes prominently in your diet.
Control your growing weight with simplicity but avoid crashing. Make Morning Walk, Yoga, and Exercise an Important Part of Your Routines
If there is no problem, please ensure lipid profile test once a year after the age of forty years. Especially after menopause, women should definitely do this test.
After the test, if doctors recommend taking medication, as per their instructions, take medicines regularly. Be sure to consult the Doctor’s doctor at every six months interval. If these things are kept in mind then