Prostate cancer is just for men. The reason for this is that the prostate gland is found only in men. This is an important part of the reproductive system of men because this gland creates a liquid forming substance. The prostate gland is near the testicle. Prostate cancer is one of the major causes of people’s death in cancer incidents in men in India. The symptoms of prostate cancer are very common in the beginning, so people ignore them. Actually, prostate cancer begins to spread very slowly and in the beginning, there are some problems related to urination.

Prostate cancer affects the urine tube

The prostate gland is located near the testicle (bladder). When prostate cancer occurs, the person’s prostate gland begins to grow. As these glands start increasingly pressurizing the urethra, many kinds of problems start. Generally, there are signs of pain in the testicles, problems in urine, and prostate cancer. However, progressive prostate cancer can reach other parts of the body, but in the beginning, it is affected by the urine tube.

Do not ignore these symptoms of prostate cancer.

On prostate cancer, men see or feel some signs that they ignore them as normal. Know Them –

Pain or burning sensation during urination
During peeve, the torso should be very slow or low in the urine. It can also be understood to you that after urinating several times you feel the urinary bladder is empty, but after a few seconds, 2-3 drops of urine and going out.
Even after urinating, it may feel that your bladder is not empty.
Urinating from normal to urine or peeing several times after rising in the night.
Excessive urination from the abruptly and before urination before the toilet is exempted.

Significant increase in prostate cancer signals

It is not necessary that only prostate cancer can be seen only with problems related to urine. In fact, the prostate gland first affects the urine tube, but gradually increasing it can affect many other organs of the body. Know these symptoms too –

Pain in the waist pain, hip pain or lower abdomen (Pelvice)
Problems in maintaining stagnation in men during physical relation or problem of early ejaculation
Bleeding with urine or semen
The unexpected loss of weight and weakness arises without any reason

Prostate cancer is diagnosed in 5$-30$

If any of the above-mentioned symptoms or multiple symptoms appear simultaneously, you should immediately consult prostate cancer with the doctor. Blood samples are taken for the investigation of prostate cancer and this test name is ‘PSA Test’ (PSA Test). PSA means – Prostate Specific Antigen. These checks are very cheap. In most cities, this check easily becomes 5$-30$