Breast cancer is growing rapidly in women across the world. Breast cancer is the biggest cause of the death of women in cancers found in women in India. Feeling lump in the breasts or leaking of any type of nipple are the initial symptoms of breast cancer. If breast cancer is detected at the right time and treatment is started, then it can be easily cured. Let’s tell you about breast cancer or breast cancer symptoms and treatments in women.
Symptoms of Breast Cancer

If the pain or lump is felt in the breast, it should be consulted with the doctor. Sometimes this happens also there is no pain in the lump, but it feels like touching. The lump in the breasts can be detected through mammography. Breast cancer can also be detected and does not even cost a lot of money in mammography. A woman of 30 to 35 years must make mammography once. Lump in the breast and increase its size over time, growing abnormal breast, swelling next to the side, red nipple or bleeding, if your breast has any emergency or unusual thickness, then contact your doctor immediately.
Investigation and treatment

It is necessary that every woman, from the age of 30, will self-examine the changes in her breasts and its surroundings after menstruation. Similarly, at the age of 40, every woman should have her breast examined once in a year by breast examining her breast and her X-ray X-rays in consultation. This x-ray is called a mammogram. The micro-cancerous part can be detected by the mammogram through rice grains. In this situation, there is no need to remove the entire breast in the treatment of cancer. In this stage, patients with known breast cancer can get 90 to 95 percent successful treatment. When breast cancer is detected in the post-stage (advanced stage), then the entire breast has to be removed through the operation for its treatment.

Breast cancer cases are seen more in women in metros and cities. Breast cancer can soon become the biggest cancer of women in India if some concrete steps are not taken about this disease soon. To prevent this, women themselves examine the breast every month and see that there is no lump in it.