Are you fond of watching TV, mobile or any movie or web series till late at night? This question may have seemed a little strange to you but this is a common question. Because many people get used to late night sleep due to TV serial, movie, phone or other things by midnight. The best example for all of this is Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji and many other service providers in which new-new web series comes, to see that many of you sleep for midnight. But have you ever thought about its effect on your health? Do not think … So we tell you that sleeping at 2 or 3 in the morning can sometimes be dangerous for your health. Yes, the effects of late sleep can be seen as the problem of black houses, indigestion, and constipation under your eyes.

According to health experts, a healthy lifestyle only leads to a healthy life and this process also includes healthy family planning. According to recent research, the men who are planning to build a family can have a golden rule of ‘quick sleeping and rising early’. Because late night waking increases the risk of impotence in men.
According to the study

According to research, the men who sleep early, i.e. before 10.30 hours, they are more likely to have good quality sperm. If it is compared to other men who sleep after 11.30, then the quality of the sperm is worsened in them.

However, previous research has found that ‘sleep’ can have a major effect on the reproductive capacity of men and women. But there is no such evidence. But some part of the brain, which affects both sleep hormone and sperm production.

According to the study’s co-authors Hans Jacob Ingerslev, insomnia is the root cause of the decline of sperm. Apart from this, there can be several reasons that include psychological reasons. Insomnia men feel more stress, which can have a bad effect on their virility.

Therefore both men and women should take full sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. Apart from this, there should be no fluctuations in sleep time, time should be fixed for sleeping. Because good and full sleep gives good sperm quality and naturally improves the ability to produce the baby.