Hair fall has become a common problem, all of which hated and unfortunately men are more affected than men. In a study published in the Australian Journal of General Practice, researchers revealed that about 49 percent of the women are complaining about the problem of hair loss in their lives. It was also reported in the study that as the aging progresses, the likelihood of the hair fall problem increases.
Men and women both are similar due to hair loss, such as genetic, hormonal imbalances and contaminated environment. Many studies have said that a breakdown of 50 to 100 hair is normal every day, but if the number continues to grow continuously, then you should talk to the doctor to deal with this serious problem. Today, we are telling you about five such health conditions that can cause serious problems of hair loss.

Pregnancy is such a situation, during which women may have a lot of stress and hence hair loss is high. However, after delivery, you can see the number of the hair growing on your hairline.


In the case of hypothyroidism, your thyroid hormone level goes down. Lowering these hormone levels can weaken your hair and cause hair loss.

This is a self-preserved disease, in which your immune system attacks healthy cells within your body. Inflammation and burning sensation within your body are also one of the main factors behind hair loss.

Acute stress disorder

After any major event, you may develop an anxiety disorder, which is also known as acute stress disorder and due to lack of nutrients, this disorder can increase, due to which there is an imbalance in hair growth in people. Could. This process can cause hair loss in people.

In this situation, your body produces a high number of thyroid hormones. High levels of these hormones can cause weight loss and irregular menstrual cycle, resulting in hair loss.