When the clothes are a misfit

The weight of the body never increases at a time, its address goes on to us when we try to wear our old clothes and it gets us, a misfit. Does a load of our whole body really increase or only the fat of our stomach increases? Generally, the fat of our stomach increases only, if this happens then these five questions can overcome your dilemma. Let’s know what the question is from this slideshow.

Has my routine changed completely?

If you have made a slight change in your daily routine. So it will have an impact on your physical weight. Whether your eating time has changed or your stress level has increased or you have lost sleep, all these things change your energy levels.

Wake up in the morning to focus on your physical structure

Due to the presence of food in our stomach in the morning, the stomach increases. When the food is digested in the morning, the size of the stomach becomes slightly reduced. If this is the case then you should immediately think about losing weight.

What changes do you see after eating?

After eating or eating food, if we feel the size of our stomach, then you should immediately add a gym to remove it, or you can do some exercise in weight loss at home only if the expert’s suggestion is Take it

Does the weight of body increase even during periods?

During periods, hormones like estrogens and progesterone are more likely to occur in girls, which increase the capacity of water retention in the body.

Where is your weight?

Your weight hardly grows in any part of the body. When the weight grows, the muscles go over your stomach, except for the thighs, hands, and face, all of them grow together. Although the flowering is only about the stomach.